Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Desk Planner

This is my beautiful Desk sized Planner, made by Gilt Edged. it is an Ambassador Week to View Planner.

Review to follow, just a teaser for now.!

Parker pen Refill change to GEL.

I have a beautiful Parker jotter pen. it had a normal fine roller ball refill, but as I am a lover of Gel pens, i found this walking around my local stationary store.

It is made by Parker for the jotter pens, a Gel refill, about .7 in size, but makes my great pen even better.

Cost €2.99

Pen Carry

I found that when in the Car, and i wanted a good pen to write with, i was fishing around in the door pockets and the centre console, and just grabbed any pen that came to hand. When I really wanted to write with one of my fav pens. So i went to the local shops and picked up this little holder, cost me €5 and is great.

Holds alot of pens and sits on the passenger seat and is always in handy reach. 

Back to Blogging.!


After being away working for several months, its now time to catch up, and re-stock my little blog. I will be posting my update on the Collins planner, and also sharing some of my recent purchases. I have even ordered and am awaiting the courier to drop off my selection of 2013 Diaries and planners.

So keep a look out for my posts and ty for everyone's support.

Have a great Day.